Tiered Stone Retaining Wall

Project Details

Project: Tiered Stone Retaining Wall

A completed stone retaining wall curves with the land and transforms the clients yard.

Library Stone Retaining Wall

Project Details

Project: Retaining Wall

A tall, strong retaining wall installation at the Town Library will provide structure and beauty for centuries.

Natural Stone Wall Network

Project Details

Project: Develop an artful network of stonewalls
Goal: Add visual interest and lasting beauty with stone work

This network of several stone walls enhances the beauty of this classic Vermont property.

A stone retaining wall at a newly constructed home.

Terraced Retaining Walls

Project Details

Project: Terraced Retaining Dry-laid Stonewalls
Goal: Add dramatic stonewall features

These terraced retaining walls provide security and style for this new home’s yard and patio area.

A stone retaining wall at a newly constructed home.

Stone Retaining Wall Terrace

Project Details

Project: Stonewall Retaining Feature

A completed stone retaining wall adds beauty and structure to this property.

Finished Stone Tetaining Wall
Completed Stone Retaining Wall

Retaining Wall Restoration and Construction

Project Details

Project: Retaining Wall Restoration and Construction
Location: Belmont, VT

This was our second job of the 2017 season, right in downtown, across the street from the Belmont General Store It was a long project, with numerous rain delays and mud, lots of mud. We made a mess, but cleaned it all up by the end. Thanks to all the fine citizens of Belmont for putting up with the reduced parking for so long!

Project Video